Quality Control

Systematic quality control

Guanhua utilizes the ISO9001 quality management system and GMP standard as the base to carry forward the full process of standardized production. We have also built the complete quality management organization which covers the functional departments such as QA, SQE, IQC, IPQC, FQC and technicians in labs.

We carry out failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), make control plans (CP) and SOP operation standards and SIP inspection standards for various inspection departments during the product development and trial production. During the process of mass production, we pay attention on process quality (craft, parameters, operation method etc.) and product quality. The CTQ critical control point is monitored by a SPC control chart.

Guanhua carries out MSA measuring system analysis for the key measuring tools and inspection points to continuously monitor the variation of the 5M1E and maintain the effectiveness of the measuring system.

We continuously conduct various CQI quality improvement in materials, craft, equipment, molds, managing flow and some other aspects.


Guanhua carries out continuous quality monitoring and measuring of the key points during the full process from raw material to finished product. Thus it can make sure that the delivered products can always meet or go beyond the requirements of the customers. This can continuously improve the degree of satisfaction of the customers. The inspections can be mainly divided into steel coils XRF component analysis and mechanics property analysis (Y. S yield strength/T. S tensile strength/EL elongation/HV hardness etc.).

For all the materials, the content of the harmful substances and VOC which are clearly defined in REACH, PAHs and some other related regulations and instructions are strictly controlled.

During the production process, the key dimensions, appearance quality, polishing brightness (GU index), polishing roughness (Ra/Ra index), corrosion resistance, concavity and thermal shock, riveting and welding strength of the products are strictly controlled. The coated products are also tested via cross cut adhesion test, SPAR, LGA and some other key performances tests.

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