Private Brand

Private Brand: cizzle

In order to improve the popularity and influence of Guanhua. We developed our private brand cizzle. Until now, we have the following series of products: Elegance, Chief, Joy, Ingenuity, Cook lover. The products include saucepans, casseroles, frying pans, woks, hot pots, pressure cookers, etc.

Company Background

Shanghai Guanhua Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd was founded in 1979. With decades of experience in high-end cookware manufacturing, rigor selection of raw material globally, excellent patented technologies, and world-leading manufacturing techniques, Guanhua has partnered with various top cookware brands internationally, and been awarded as the “Chinese Stainless Steel Cookware Center” in 2015. 

Brand History

cizzle, as Guanhua’s self-owned brand, was created in 2009. Since then, owing to its exquisite Kitchenware and exquisite craftsmanship, cizzle has been selected as the licensed commodities of 2010 China World Expo, and won many titles such as "Shanghai famous brand" and "Shanghai famous trademark"

Brand Vision

Committed to creating China's culinary expert, cizzle carries the philosophy of 'happy cooking' and aims to provide all users with the joy of cooking. To create a warm, healthy and convenient cooking experience for thousands of families, we are aim to making cizzle into a “Chinese quality product" and letting "Made in China" obtain a good reputation in the world.

The Chinese name of the brand "Xishi" contains the meaning of "happy cooking moment". Cooking is to create happy reunion time, and high-quality kitchen utensils can improve the convenience and comfort of cooking, making cooking easier and more fun. It is the unswerving pursuit of Xishi to let every family enjoy cooking and enjoy happiness.

The English name of the brand is "cizzle", which is derived from the English short sentence.