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Famous German brand

This famous German brand has more than 100 years of production experience since its establishment. They focus on the details and functions of the products. The average developing period of each product is relatively long. The products will not reach the market until that it is continuously improved. The leading products of this brand at first were small kitchen tools while the kitchenware not as well known. Guanhua established cooperation with this brand beginning in 2012 and developed a series of cookware which can be divided into more than 100 series for them. The cookware can be used for frying, steaming and boiling which is quite a complete set of functions.

The customer was satisfied with our rich OEM/ODM experience, high production quality, high design level and outstanding supply ability. The cooperation has continuously expanded and the order has continuously increased. Several promotion projects are successful. After several years of cooperation, Guanhua successfully helped this brand to get their name out so that it became an internationally famous kitchenware brand.

A famous large scale chain brand

This brand was established in 1940s. It is now the biggest houseware manufacturer in the world. It operates in several hundred markets in more than 20 countries and regions in the world. We established cooperation with this brand in 1993 via the help of a commercial company. The customer was satisfied with the product quality, price, delivery time and the quality control system. We established direct cooperation with each other from 2005. And we made greater efforts in developing products. The order and sales volume steadily increase after that. Through the tireless efforts of Guanhua, we continuously provide high quality service for our customers to improve their degree of satisfaction. We have become one of their most reliable suppliers.

Famous German kitchenware brand

This is a century-old high-end kitchenware, cookware brand in Germany. It has more over 150 years of history. This company focuses on making cooking, eating and tasting a joyful experience. The products can be used at home and in commercial catering. The continuous innovation, fashionable design and superior quality combine together which is the most unique feature of this brand. These advantages make this brand industrial leading in German kitchenware and cookware industry. It has become a famous German brand.

Guanhua established tacit cooperation with this brand more than 10 years ago. They are satisfied with the OEM/ODM strength of Guanhua. Our design team can fully understand the customers’ design philosophy and intention. After combining with the product performance, we can provide our customer with best solutions for the products. We can also help our customers with the large promotion projects. Guanhua can effectively accomplish the full customization process from design drawing, die sinking, proofing, production to delivery of the products. Meanwhile, this brand is happy with the quality control system of our company. This is also the guarantee of the superior quality of the products so that they can pass the inspections of various certification body. Due to the strict requirements of this customer on the delivery time, we should have outstanding supplying capability. The remarkable production capability of Guanhua is one of the most important reasons why our customers choose to establish long term cooperation with us. We will continuously take our advantages to provide superior services in all dimensions.