Manufacturing Strength of Guanhua

Manufacturing strength of Guanhua

Guanhua emphasizes the quality design of our stainless steel cookware. We have a team of design engineers for the appearance design of the stainless steel cookware, thus improving the competitive product image and user experience.

The raw material used in the production of our products is superior stainless steel purchased from Chinese and Korean suppliers. They are carefully inspected prior to being put into production.

Guanhua introduced a CNC milling machine, wire cutting machine and other CNC machines utilized to enhance our powerful mold manufacturing strength.

The production base of Shanghai Guanhua is over 100 thousand square meters. The monthly production capacity can be up to 700-800 thousand various stainless steel cookware products.

Guanhua established a professional testing center which can realize the control of details on various aspects such as material performance, coating properties, packaging and transport modeling, thus improving the stability of the products in multiple aspects.

The superior quality of our products is the result of the hard work of our employees. Our workers have rich experience and can realize the highly effective assembly of cookware products and accessories according to the requirements of the customer. Over 10 million stainless steel cookware products are manufactured every year.

Guanhua purchased 15 laser machines to carry out logo laser marking on the cookware and at the bottom. The daily production capacity can be up to 30 thousand pieces.

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