Manufacturing Power


Guanhua has 5 automatic blanking machines, so that the daily blanking capacity is remarkable.


Guanhua has several stretching lines with more than 100 stretchers to enhance stretching capacity.

Impact Bonding

Guanhua has two 2500max. ton impact bonding machines and ten 1600max. ton impact bonding machines which can provide greatimpactbonding capabilities.


Guanhua is equipped with several fully automatic polishing machines and semi-automatic polishing lines imported from Italy.


Guanhua has 3 coating lines which can realize the spraying of PTFE and ceramic paint. We have also been recognized as the best Teflon coating line for several successive years. Our company established cooperation with famous coating brands such as Chemours-Teflon, ILAG, WEIBURGER, KFCC and Whitford etc.


We carry out assembly of the cookware body and accessories. The annual yield can be up to 10 million pieces.

Laser marking

Guanhua is equipped with 15 laser marking machines which can be used for laser marking of the logos on the kitchenware body and the bottom.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning line can be used for cleaning of the finished products before delivery to remove the dirty marks generated during manufacturing.


During this process, we conduct labeling of the product with semi-automatic line for packaging.

Finished product inspection

Before being put into storage, the products should be batch sampled by QC inspectors according to the related standards to strictly control the key dimensions, appearance quality, polishing brightness (GU index), polishing roughness (Ra/Ra index), corrosion resistance, concavity and thermal shock, riveting and welding strength of the products. The coated products should also be tested via cross cut adhesion test, SPAR, LGA and some other key performances. They can be put in the warehouse after inspection.


Guanhua has a standardized warehouse which maintains a constant temperature and constant humidity. The fire protection measures meet the standards. The warehouse is managed by specific personnel, and non-essential personnel are not allowed to enter the warehouse. The goods should be stored separately according to the types with clear edge and mark. The products to be put in the warehouse are strictly checked, marked by card and recorded by the warehouse manager. The goods are placed tidily at the designated area according to the standards.