Shanghai Guanhua went to all lengths for the recovery of work and production,cizzle, the self-owned brand, guards "Shanghai" in its own way

Shanghai Guanhua went to all lengths for the recovery of work and production,cizzle, the self-owned brand, guards "Shanghai" in its own way

May 03, 2022

Recently, the epidemic situation across the country has shown a multi-point distribution trend. Shanghai Guanhua, located in Chongming District of Shanghai, quickly launched the emergency mechanism for the epidemic prevention and control as early as when the epidemic broke out in Shanghai. At present, the epidemic situation in Shanghai has stabilized towards a positive direction, and the social epidemic risk has been effectively controlled. Shanghai Guanhua actively responded to the call of the country, overcame various difficulties and resumed work in an orderly manner on May 6.

Focus on epidemic prevention on one hand and promote production on the other
All Shanghai Guanhua people are working hard for epidemic prevention on one hand and production on the one hand. They take multiple measures to ensure the recovery of work and production, and strictly implement the synchronous actions for both work safety and epidemic prevention and control. As of today, there are 12 production lines under production in the factory. The production vitality of each assembly line has been gradually restored, and the employees strictly followed the epidemic prevention policy and resumed production in an orderly manner. In the packaging workshop of the factory, the production line is busy with the "fast forward" button pressed for resuming work and production.

As one of the preferred suppliers of the world's famous kitchenware brands, the products of Guanhua have been sold all over the country and overseas. We believe that as the epidemic situation keeps improving, the production and operation order will return to normal soon with the constant efforts of Guanhua.
Cizzle, guards Shanghai in its own way
At the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, the Guanhua Party branch established a vanguard of Party members, actively got involved in the epidemic prevention and control work, and worked together with the whole society to fight the epidemic and overcome difficulties. cizzle, the self-owned brand of Guanhua, also took quick actions to fulfill its duties as a state-owned brand.

As early as 2020 when the epidemic began, Shanghai Guanhua restarted the "China-made Self-enforcement" initiative, transferring the exports of cizzle, the brand owned by “Fuxing”, to domestic sales. After two years of development, the restart plan of taking cizzle as a "domestic medium and high-end kitchen brand" won the first battle, which greatly enhanced the confidence of the company. It also made the company more aware of the importance of the domestic market and the sense of responsibility as a state-owned brand.

In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, community group purchase has become an important channel for residents to obtain basic living materials. The government encourages e-commerce platforms to accurately serve key regional communities. Residents can place orders directly on the online platform and deliver them to their homes according to their needs. As a made in Shanghai brand, in line with the principle of serving consumers and taking consumers as the center, Guanhua also responded positively, assumed corporate social responsibility, and made efforts to ensure the supply of living materials for residents during the epidemic. The domestic sales department of Guanhua set up a group purchase project team at the first time, from the selection, price, product supply chain, to contacting the head of the team to accurately serve the community, ensuring at all levels. We will truly ensure supply at affordable prices and keep Shanghai warm.

In the future, facing the severe epidemic situation, Shanghai Guanhua will put various measures into effect for epidemic prevention and control with faster speed and more practical style. In addition, multiple actions will be taken to race against the epidemic and overcome the difficulties, hoping to ensure the productivity, and devote every effort to the resumption of work and production under the epidemic. We will interpret our corporate duties and responsibilities with practical actions and make Guanhua’s contribution to the battle of epidemic prevention and control.